Thursday, February 11, 2010

Think Before You Invest

Many institutions,banks being a good example, had a long tradition of only offering clients access to the bank's own investment vehicles. On the one hand, they did not have the infrastructure in place to monitor constantly a pool of over 40,000 funds available worldwide. On the other hand, they defended their “in-house” policy on the largely justifiable grounds of due diligence. Institutions rightly felt comfortable recommending their own products to their own clients.

When recommending a fund from an outside supplier, the institution must be in position to assure its client with regard to a number of key factors – the creditworthiness of this third party, the robustness of their investment procedures, the credentials of the fund manager, the like hood of maintaining decent levels of performance, their risk-adjusted return and so on.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Political Issues

A leading politician argues that globalization can benefit a country. The government has done a lot to regain confidence of the international donor community. With political stability restored, we managed ti gave micro-economic stability.

Critics charged that globalization benefits the wealthy developing ones; that the gap between rich and poor nations has never been greater. By their reckoning, it could be suicidal to expose the country's fragile economy to competition.

Some critics claim that Cambodia is a classic example of how the world economy and its architects have failed to address the needs of less developed countries.

Monday, November 16, 2009


So, you think you are ready to head down to your local casino and experience some live action? Well, here are some common tells you're likely to encounter. You have to first know about them.

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS - Whether it is a blink of the eyes, wrinkling of the chin or a twitch of the nose, it is important to study your opponents facial expression while his hands are busy playing.

SHAKY HANDS - In poker it is contradictory that a shaky hands equals a strong hand. For beginners shaking hands is a huge tell that you have something big.

PLAYER'S ATTITUDE - Watch a player's bearing after he looks at his hole cards. Some would slump with poor hands or sit erect with impressive hands.

HEART AND BREATHING RATE - A wise and experienced player can look at his opponents veins in the neck so he could determine his pulse rate. If he is showing an increased pulse rate, he might be preparing himself for a confrontation. And if prior to the player's action, you noticed the chest expanding abnormally, it might be an indication of a bluff action of the individual.

SMOKESCREENS - Some gifted players will send smokescreens, to employ fake tells and lure you into a trap. This game of ours involves many layers of deception, so beware!